Since 1999 we’ve been working extremely hard to build our winery from the ground up.
When we acquired our now luscious property it was empty, devoid of anything useful and full of weeds.
Imagine that
– 54 acres of weeds to be pulled.
But we could tell though, that the soil was impeccable and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to finally pursue our dream.
Now our vineyard is alive and the soil has rewarded us with wonderful vintages that we love to share with you each year.
Our 54 acre property is a hidden gem that was hard to find at first.
After years of construction we now have this beautiful building an vibrant vines aplenty.
We support the livelihood of 19 individuals who each have a fantastic story to tell.
Each one’s expertise ranges from viticulture, to grape-care, to construction and maintenance of our structures, to computer science and technology.
Each of these members of our team play an important role that helps us keep our vineyard beautiful while enjoying the company of each other.
Case Production:
3,200 cases
16 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon
14 acres of Chardonnay
12 acres of Rosé
7 acres of Riesling
3 acres of Pinot Noir
1 acres of Merlot
2 acres Property, Winery and Crush Pad.
19 team members